Straight Street provides specialised private tuition for piano in classical and contemporary music as well as instruction in musicianship, music theory, composition, transcription and score writing.

Everyone is welcome including the serious student and those wishing to learn piano for pleasure. We specialise in the preparation of students for practical examinations as well as musicianship and theory for AMEB and HSC examinations. In addition musicians who wish to refine their reading and writing skills are also welcome.

Tatyana has 25 years teaching experience and takes students from the age of 6 to adults. The studio is fully equipped, and is 3 minutes walk from Bondi Junction Station.

Lessons and Equipment

Lessons are tailored to suit the individual but they are structured. In this way progress and improvement can be monitored in the areas of technique, reading, aural, theory, performance, and improvisation.

Students are encouraged to listen to a variety of musical styles and genres and are able to choose the material that they like to play.

Beginners use books and CDs that contain all the information that is required for accelerated learning outcomes. Extra worksheets may be given for class or home.

Access to a piano outside of lessons is required for all students (although a keyboard is adequate for beginners).

Lessons may vary from a half hour each week (beginners) to one or two hours for mature students.

Lessons follow the school calendar and enrolment is per term. Fees are due in the first week of the term. 24 hours is required to cancel a lesson, this enables the time to be reallocated to another student. When possible a make up lesson can be scheduled. If less than 24 hours notice is given or a lesson is missed the lesson and payment may be forfeited.

We do all we can to facilitate and encourage attendance at lessons. There is no substitute for discipline and practice, even for the musician playing for pleasure. Our goal for all our students, whether preparing for examinations or playing for enjoyment, will learn to love and appreciate their music. To this end discipline and practice is the key.

Only a limited number of places are available to private students each year. Follow the links on the information page to apply.

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